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Conwy Castle

History of Conwy

Conwy, the small but very Welsh walled market town, was built between 1283 and 1289 by the ‘I own the Welsh people so let’s make sure they can’t escape’ king ‘Edward I’ as one of his many fortresses of the ‘Iron ring’ which he used to create English bases in Wales and subjugate the Welsh people.  Conwy has been described as the ‘most magnificent’ of these fortresses and although it is the simplest of the castles designed, it shows how strong it is, as it does not have many layers of walls, because ‘it does not need them’. Its grand, almighty walls are over three quarters of a mile long, nine metres high and guarded by twenty one towers, just in case protection of the Welsh dragon wasn’t enough for you! Walking round these walls provides a great view and is a must if you are visiting Conwy.

The walls and the castle are still very much intact and gives the whole town a medieval feel, this is perhaps one of the reasons why Conwy has often been described as ‘one of the greatest fortresses in medieval Europe’.

Conwy is also famous for its contribution to the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ as in its immense walls is contained “Britains Smallest House”. At 3.05m x 1.8m, the house’s old owner (a six foot man named Robert Jones) was actually kicked out of the house in 1900 under health and safety regulations. The house is another must with a CD of information about the house’s history playing inside and decedents of Robert Jones (or maybe just people they have hired) on the outside dressed in traditional Welsh costume.

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