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The Best Foodie Experiences: Conwy

If you are a true foodie, and are planning on a trip to North Wales, or more specifically Conwy county, then you have come to the right place - and you’re going to the best place too! Conwy has everything a food lover could ask for. There are so many fantastic shops, eateries, markets, and restaurants Conwy county has for you to explore! Here is a list of a few you can’t miss.

The Gourmet Food Festival - Gwledd Conwy Feast

If you time your trip to Conwy for late October, then you will be able to catch the ultimate local food experience! The Conwy Feast is the biggest food festival in North Wales, sitting just under the amazing Medieval castle. 

There are many stalls exhibiting the local produce, anything from jams and gins to sausages and cheese. You can watch cookery demonstrations from top chefs, get involved with other random activities and watch some live music whilst drinking a Welsh pint! We suggest you make the weekend of this one. 

A Quick Bite at Blas ar Fwyd, Llanrwst

If you want to experience real Welsh food, then a trip to Blas ar Fwyd in the lovely Llanrwst is a must! This place is a hub for local produce, and is made up of an award-winning deli and wine shop. It doesn’t end there, they have a sister restaurant across the road named ‘Amser Da’.

Pop by and stock up on some of the tasty local cheeses including the Snowdonia Cheese and Cenarth and Gorwydd. Then you can head across the street and pick something you fancy from the seasonal menu. They also stock interesting Welsh tipples such as Newquay Honey Mead and Taffy Apple Cider. 

Seafood Supper Straight from the Town

Conwy is renowned for its exquisite mussels, as it lies on an estuary, the mixture of saltwater and freshwater give them their unique taste. 

Down on the quay, you will find Conwy Mussels just next to the lifeboat station, you can’t get much fresher produce than that! You can buy these sustainable and caught-that-day mussels from their shop, and if you get there early, you can have a look at how they prepare them after harvesting. 

If you are staying in a self-catered accommodation (which everyone should be under the new rules) then grab a kilo of these and cook up something delicious!

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