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Cycling in Gwydyr Forest Park

At the heart of Snowdonia National Park, lies Gwydir Forest Park.

Going back as a bar as the Victorian times, countless generations have visited this woodland wonderland, experiencing the wind through the trees and the crisp mountain waters. These days, trails are nicely waymarked, which allows visitors to investigate the landscape for themselves, be it on the back of a bicycle or on two feet on the ground as you veer through the wilderness.

There is, in addition to its splendour a specifically built mountain bike trail which is graded red and therefore most suitable for experienced or proficient cyclists and mountain bikers. It is widley agreed to be one of the best Mountain bike routes in North Wales.

In the years between 1850, and 1919, mining of lead and zinc mostly dominated the area, but a legacy of the old engine house, waste deposits as well as reservoirs are the most characteristic features of the landscape in this era.

The vast majority of lakes that exist in the forest today are all but have originally been constructed as a means to serve the mining efforts in the forest. 

Sawbench is the starting point of the Gwydir Mawr trail, this red mountain bike trail is fantastic for people with ample mountain biking skills who like to make the most of the trails that north Wales has to offer. Sometimes, trucks might need to be altered, diverted or temporarily closed in order to ensure that the area is as safe as possible. Considerations such as extreme weather conditions like high winds, snow and ice could affect this. Always follow any instructions that you see onsite for a sage experience as can be.

All of the descents on this route include the likes of gorgeously straight singletrack, varying from extremely tight, technical and rocky to wonderfully open and easy flowing countryside. Enjoy the extremes of dark forested tracks to exposed ridgelines. All its managed by natural resources Wales so take into consideration that the track needs to be cared for and therefore treated with respect.

Several of the most important and interesting mines have been cleared and made safe and suitable for visitors. These days, as you explore the extensive and rolling lands of lakes, pastures and hills, you could find it really hard to imagine it as a derelict industrial landscape.

When you visit Gwydir Forest, you’ll be pleased to find a vast area of over 72km². Walks include the likes of Llyn Crafnant (near Llanrwst), this has three waymarked walks around the lake and one of the most spectacular views in all of North Wales.

Llyn Geirionydd, Llanwrst - this is the only lake in Snowdonia used for power boats as well as water skiing.

Cae’n y Coed - this is an open field in the woods with a lovely picnic spot and forest garden that is a great spot for the whole family.

Tyn Llwyn close to Betws y coed, a gateway to the renown Swallow falls glorious waterfall - which is well-loved by locals and visitors alike

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